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EnglishCentral Course Catalog for 2018

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Here is the EnglishCentral 2018 Course Catalog. Over 30 new ESP Courses and Young Learners’ courses launched this year.

EnglishCentral now available on Moodle

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EnglishCentral’s library of 10,000 interactive videos lessons for English learning is now available on Moodle.  Moodle is an open source, learning platform with over 68 million users and 55,000 sites deployed worldwide. The EnglishCentral Module is FREE for use in schools for up to 50 Students.  With our new Moodle module, teachers can now give…

How to Integrate EnglishCentral in Moodle

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The EnglishCentral Moodle module you can add video lessons from EnglishCentral directly into Moodle. To learn more about the the EnglishCentral Moodle Module, please visit our blog post here.   To try out EnglishCentral on Moodle, you can go to the test site. This post details how your school’s IT staff can integrate the module into your…

New Search Feature Now Available

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We are pleased to announce an improved version of our search feature. Here are some of the benefits: 1. Increased performance and speed. Our new search is powered by Amazon’s ElasticSearch and is 5 times faster than its previous version. 2. More accurate search results. Our new search yields more accurate search results. For example,…

What’s new on EnglishCentral for 2018

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EnglishCentral is showcasing 3 new products and services for the 2018 School Year: Custom Course Creation.  We have worked with a number of universities to build custom web and mobile courses to map to their school’s existing curriculum.  This means schools can adopt EnglishCentral for their current classes, without changing their textbook or other materials.…